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Borders Baby Massage

In 2015 Mums Supporting Mums in Scottish Borders piloted a baby massage project as a way to support both mums and their babies.

• The sessional workers had training to show mums and other people how to do baby massage.
• The baby massage groups were a new way for mums to get to know each other and have some peer support.
• Baby massage has many benefits for mums and babies. It is a great technique for helping young babies settle and be well.
• The groups complemented the work of other people such as Health Visitors.

The funding for this pilot came through the Healthy Living Network at NHS Borders, which received a grant from the BIG Communities and Families programme.

You can now read the final report from the project:

Baby Massage Pilot- Final Report

This update note shows what happened in the first round of sessions.

Borders baby massage upate- Autumn 2015


New group in Kelso

A group is beginning in Kelso for parents of children or young adults with additional needs.

Three mums have set up an informal drop-in coffee morning to share information and support one another. The meetings will be beneficial for parents going through the “Assessment Stage”, as well as Parents and Carers from other areas.
There will be information on the education system: what you can ask for, also what you are entitled to.

The first drop in session will be held on Monday 11th May, between 10:45 and 12:00 noon. After that it will be the second Monday of every month at:
The Topiary Coffee Shop
Mayfield Garden Centre
Glebe Lane
Kelso TD5 7AU

For more information, view the leaflet: A Wee Blether


What else have we done?

We have worked alongside women who have babies and young children to develop small scale local initiatives and provide peer support for themselves and others.

We worked in partnership with Borders Healthy Living Network. You can find out more about Borders Healthy Living Network at their website

We aimed to

  • Encourage mums to develop small scale local activities that support parents and children.
  • Develop activities that reflect the circumstances of people living in rural areas.
  • Reduce the isolation many mums face, especially in rural areas
  • Point mums to sources of advice that will help support their wellbeing.
  • Encourage mums to use the opportunities for learning and access to employment that are open to them

Some of the local activities included

  • Buggy walking group in Eyemouth
  • Groups of mums (dads and grans) meeting in cafes in Walkerburn, Galashiels and Eddleston
  • New toddler group in Walkerburn
  • Bookbug sessions in Heriot with the mobile library.

Groups can still be set up, and you can find examples of what we have done by looking at the newsletters from the project.


For more information

Please contact:

Louise Willson                    07706433938



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